At a vision, inc. we develop communication to link people together.

Company Overview

Company Name a vision, inc.
President Kunihisa Makino
Address Head Office
Oosakaekimae No.3 Bld.23th floor
1-1-3, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-0001, Japan
Foundation date January 4th, 2008
Capital 4,000,000 yen
Staff 8
  1. Media Advertising
  2. Net Shopping
  3. Web Design and Management
  4. System Development
And other activities related to the above.
Performance Many feature and smart phone media sites development and management.
Japan's 3 carriers official sites development and management.
E-Commerce Management.

Company Philosophy

Each one of our staff has his or her own vision. Through work, both the company and the staff gets a positive impact to help them achieve their visions. Our final goal is the happiness and the contribution to society of our staff.

We are working hard in order to listen to all our customers requests and to always provide them and their users valuable services with a fair and honest attitude.

We strive to make all our staff grow as persons and enhance their creativity so they can use their strength at a 120% level. We put a great effort in giving emotion to society, so we have create a place where freedom is paramount.

Message from the president

Kunihisa Makino, President

The word vision is a very important word for me. It appears in our Company Philosophy several times and it is the origin of our company's name. That word was teached to me by a very respected person when I was a simple employee with aspirations of building my own company.

"What is your vision? What is your vision of work?"

Since an early age I grew up watching my father build his company, so I thought that, as a matter of fact, I had to do build my own company myself.

At 25 I will get independent and become the president of a company!
I thought this entrepreneurship for granted, even with my age at that time, and in 2006, barely at the age of 25 I got my independence and fulfilled my vision.

In fact I confronted that vision and experienced the happiness of achieving that vision by myself. I discovered that each people's vision is the driving force that moves them forward.

Now, one of my visions is that all the people working at this company, each one of them have his or her own vision, and through their performance at work they could get near to achieving their own visions.

My aims are for all my employees to achieve their own visions, to give all our clients the impulse to say thank you, and to contribute to make society a richer and full of hope place.